Need New Hospital Linens?

We offer medical linen services in Casper, WY

With reliable medical linen services, you can create comfortable and clean beds for your patients. Powder River Medical Resources, LLC provides medical linens in Casper, WY. We carry everything from surgical drape covers to healthcare bath towels. Whether you need high-quality surgical or bed linens for your patients' rooms, we've got you covered.

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Keeping your linens stocked

Whenever you need new medical linens, we’re here to provide. You can count on us for medical:

  • Towels—surgical and healthcare bath towels
  • Bed linens—pillowcases, bedsheets and baby blankets
  • Clothing—surgical gowns and 100% cotton patient gowns

We carry a variety of healthcare and surgical towels, including Essential Towels, SofSorb Surgical Towels, E*Star surgical towels, Toughweave surgical towels and Prevail surgical towels. With our medical linen services, you’ll have all the linens you need for your facility. Call us today to get your medical linens.